We need a leader in the Citrus County Sheriff's Office with experience, knowledge, skills, and proven credentials to run the agency with competence and efficiency. Mel Eakley is the only candidate for Citrus County Sheriff who is ready to hit the ground running, with 25 years of professional civilian law enforcement experience. Mel Eakley has the solid education and hands-on experience - Not empty promises and political rhetoric - to lead the Department t a better day by raising expectations, connecting to the community and increasing efficiency within the ranks. Most importantly, Mel Eakley's Vision and dedication as Sheriff will make Citrus County Safe Again. 

Community Engagement

Under my leadership will focus on building trust and transparency.  My approach is focused on being proactive and preventative.  Genuine Meetings will be conducted and centered around citizen concerns and problem identification.  Acting on your concerns and not perceived problems will lead to community success.  You have my commitment to bring about this change of culture in the organization.

Employee Focused

Employee focused leadership would be a paradigm shift for the CCSO.  Law enforcement employment is a public service calling from clerks to cops.  The foundation of a servant leadership style is centered around employee development, recognition and compensation.  Employees want to know how much you care long before they care about how much you know.  Check back soon as I outline my leadership style.

Technology Vision

Technology in Law Enforcement is about efficiency, accuracy and a reduction in duplicity.  From call taking, to emergency response to latent investigations is requiring massive amounts of information to be filtered, verified and shared expeditiously with detail.  Ridding an agency of information silos and placing it at the fingertips of the members is a key to success.  Check back soon as I detail a vision of technology and its application here at the CCSO.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Agriculture & Environmental Unit

I have met and spoken to members of our Agriculture Community about concerns, which are unique to them.  Ranches and Farms are vast in size and pose unique challenges to protect. In my career, I have witnessed and understand these crimes, which are sadly common to our Agricultural and Large Property Owners. I also understand all Citrus County Land and business owners are vulnerable to persons illegally dumping on their property and or in their on-premises garbage dumpsters.  When elected, protecting citizen property interest, and preventing costly clean ups will be a priority. 

Another public safety concern which has been brought to my attention are Cattle, Horses, and other Farm Animals “free roaming” due to broken fences. We all understand that in an agricultural community this happens, usually at no fault of the Rancher, but when this happens it creates a traffic hazard, one which can pose significant risks to passing traffic on our roads not to mention the animal wellbeing.

 It will be a priority, that in these circumstances, we have Deputies dedicated and equipped to respond and secure these animals. This is common practice and a law enforcement responsibility utilized in many counties across the State of Florida and the Unites States.  

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Agriculture and Environmental Unit, I will implement when elected, will be responsible for investigating theft of equipment, illegal trespassing for both poaching and theft of animals, broken fences for entry/exit which expose cattle and other animals to being lost or released,  impoundment and care of livestock until rightful owner is identified, ATV nuisance and traffic violations, countywide illegal dumping and apprehension and assistance in the prosecution of offenders, along with educating the public on local agricultural and environmental laws and concerns.  This Deputized position will be a dedicated liaison to the agriculture community.

Mel Eakley

Stratified Policing

H.I.P.E. Policing.  The “I” in HIPE is Intelligence Led Policing will lead an organization to operational efficiency and effectiveness.  The days of being reactive and waiting to be dispatched to a call for service is outdated and ineffective. Proactive responses to areas of crime trends, patterns and series provides valuable results.  Prolific Offenders are identified by both analysts and law enforcements officers.  Focusing on this ongoing criminal activity and their associates ensures those arrested are not one off criminals but those who are preying on our citizens, neighborhoods and communities.  The policing strategy with results.  Check back for more policing strategies.

Quality Of Life

Quality of Life focused policing is more than just attempting to arrest your way out of issues like drugs, homelessness and mental health.  During the past 3 years, there has been little effort to address and or collaborate with local community partners to assist with these social issues.  Arrests do not always determine success.  Local jails are not prepared to be mental health receiving facilities and become a revolving door and band-aide for those needing assistance.  Join me as this campaign moves forward to discuss my plan on how to improve our quality of life.


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