• Eakley For Sheriff 2020

As a retired Civilian Law Enforcement Officer with over 25 Years of Experience.

As a retired civilian law enforcement officer with 25 years of experience, I am concerned for the safety and wellbeing of all Citrus County First responders and want to highlight some “Best Practices” for personal safety. These tips are from both the F.S.A. and State Department of Health.

All Law Enforcement and First Responders Best Practices for COVID Protection.

1. If entering/bringing someone into the jail facility ask those working at the Jail if, they have put measures in place to screen new inmates who may show early signs of the virus. If you do not get a reassuring response, stop and ask to speak to a supervisor. All Sheriff’s Office run jails have completed this process.

2. Ask and ensure you have been issued by your supervisor an Alcohol-Based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. 3. Ensure you are wearing PPE (gloves when interacting with skin to skin contact.) 4. If you have transported anyone in your vehicle or used your restraint devices, please disinfect the vehicle/equipment using a bleach/water mix (9-parts water/1-part bleach) or other disinfectant which meets these guidelines. 5. Practice good officer safety while maintaining at least 6’ distance when possible. 6. If contact with fluids from anyone during your shift, report to your supervisor immediately. 7. If contact with someone who claims COVID-19 or confirmed, please report it to your supervisor immediately.



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