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Operation Citrus County Coin Loss

The Citizen’s of Citrus County are my number one priority. Your safety, opinions, and feedback are very important to me and my Team. I want to share my professional opinion on recent operations conducted by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

“Operation Coin Toss” hereinafter being referred to as “Operation Coin Loss” was an operation conducted by our sheriff’s office. According to the Sheriff he stated,” By and large, overwhelmingly, the citizens of our community do not want illegal drug trafficking to take place in Citrus County." I couldn’t agree more, however, …. If in fact this is the focus of the operation, why did I not see more Trafficking Charges on the defendants. I could only locate one trafficking charge on 30 arrests? These arrests are smoke and mirrors and nothing more than users selling personal use to addicts/abusers. I am a former Narcotics Detective and Commander from the 49th largest Sheriff's

Office in the Nation I’ve commanded many of these operations and know they are a very expensive (taxpayer dollars) on both manpower and resources. They may make headlines on the front page of the newspaper, but I can guarantee you it makes little impact on the distribution of drugs within our community. In fact, these mass arrests of users are both ineffective and a careless use the investigative manpower of the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. I understand deputies with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office are conducting these operations at the direction of the sheriff and are not responsible for his misaligned understanding of drug enforcement.

Beware – Trafficking is a charge for those moving/distributing large quantities (Pounds/Kilos) of illegal drugs not those just selling small amounts (grams/pills) for personal usage.

Again, an over exaggeration by the Sheriff, to make you believe he is making our community safer. Don’t be fooled.

Just my experienced & professional opinion.

Retired Major Mel Eakley



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